FBI | Ehrenkrantz Eckstut & Kuhn Architects (EE&K)

Newark, United States


On our first assignment for the prestigious architectural firm EE&K, we were asked to photograph the exteriors of the FBI building in Newark on the last day of a trip to the USA.


With only one opportunity to document this riverfront property, I insisted we had to be there from pre-dawn until twilight—a 12-hour production time frame.


We delivered to the client a very ample selection of details and wide-angle scenes of the entire building captured from multiple angles, despite being constantly interrupted by FBI agents… even though all our permissions were in order.


"For Wayne, each project is a new and original work of art, each with its own story, each in its own unique moment of time. There is no better storyteller than Wayne. It is a natural talent that goes way beyond all the practical and technical challenges. Even I am learning about my own work from Wayne’s unique approach. He is the teacher. What more can one expect from the photographer? No one does it better than Wayne!"

Stan Eckstut | Ehrenkrantz Eckstut & Kuhn Architects (EE&K)