Higueron West 217

Higueron West 217 | Urbania

Costa del Sol, Spain


We were approached by the marketing director of Higueron West 217 (Urbania), a major residential development who wanted to re-create the iconic Manhattan photograph “Lunch atop a Skyscraper” using their own staff and location


We were thrilled to take on this complex and out-of-the ordinary concept. The entire production team consisted of their marketing staff and our small team. Clothes were sourced locally, and an exposed steel beam was located in order to photomontage the sitting workers onto it.


The immense attention to detail in production and post-production created an amazing replica of the original image, giving way to a year-long campaign re-creating to great success many other iconic historical images.


"A powerhouse of creativity, precision and professionalism, Wayne is easy to work with and makes everything fun. His enthusiasm and passion are infectious, which combined with a can-do attitude when faced with a challenge, turn each project into a collaborative journey where everyone involved enjoys the creative process."

Lenore McCarron | Director of Marketing HW | Urbania International