Canon Europe

Canon Europe | Getty Images | Tequila UK



We were honoured to be one of seven photographers chosen across Europe by Getty Images & Tequila (UK) to create the imagery for Canon Europe’s 50th anniversary celebration.


For this conceptual assignment, we were given keywords (discover, enter, fifty, pause, theater, welcome) to create representative images. To unify the seven photographer’s imagery, there always had to be a red element in each picture.


The images were exhibited at the Grimaldi forum in Monte Carlo, for which the firm GTP2 Architekten created a stunning design experience based on large murals of the imagery.


“A big thank you… for working on this project and producing such good images. The art director and myself have been delighted with the results. The client (Canon Europe) is also very excited … shows how pleased he is! Many thanks again for all your hard work.”

Colin Barker | Art Buyer | TEQUILA, London