Story Hospitality & Cue Hotels

Story Hospitality & Cue Hotels | Advalue Agency

Seychelles | Dubai | Podgorica


To photograph the first three hotels of a new hotel chain, focusing mainly on creating their principal iconic imagery.


The advertising agency was convinced we were the team for the job. To facilitate this collaboration on a limited budget which only allowed us a day and a half in each hotel, I insisted that to successfully achieve the desired results we had to add on a pre-production day at each location. This was critical to prepare the shoot list, schedule and requirements for all the teams involved to prepare spaces, props & models on time.


Despite the gruelling schedule and a complete change in the production brief on location, our flexibility and efficiency allowed us to successfully capture the main images for each hotel within the allotted time frame and budget.


“We selected Wayne to create the photography for our recently launched brands STORY Hotels & Resorts and CUE Hotel and the results surpassed our expectations. This multi-continental assignment had an extremely tight timeframe, less than two days per location to create the iconic imagery of each hotel. In each location, Wayne landed with a small team and immediately scouted to prepare a shoot list/schedule that he shared aligned with our needs and our brand guidelines so that the following two days could function seamlessly… and whenever they didn’t, he still achieved his usual amazing results… always with a smile! Very collaborative all the time and flexible with multiple demands from my side. Strongly recommended professional.”

Rafa Garcia Aguado | Vice President of Marketing & Communications | STORY Hospitality