Warner Bros Park Madrid

Warner Bros Park Madrid | Six Flags & Warner Bros | Ackerman McQueen

Madrid, Spain


US-based advertising agency Ackerman McQueen selected us to create the imagery for the launch campaign of the Six Flags/Warner Bro‘s Park opening in Madrid.


We were given shoot dates for the end of December, but during our pre-production visit, we discovered that if they waited two weeks the construction site would pass from 3000 workers at full blast to just 300 workers finishing the last details, potentially saving them weeks of retouching on the slides. This suggestion was not approved, so we applied our utmost skills to photograph as many spaces as possible to look as if they were actually finished.


Despite this site being a construction zone in the frenetic final push to complete, we delivered a strong variety of scenes that made it look attractive and operational. The material was used to create the brochures and building wraps for the launch campaign.


“Warner Brothers and Six Flags planned to open a new amusement park in Madrid. We had to prepare promotional images and materials while the park was under construction. Navigating the distance, language, and creative needs would have been impossible without working with someone like Wayne Chasan. As soon as we saw his portfolio and spoke with him, it was obvious that we had found our guy. Wayne was very professional, friendly, and highly competent. He did a great job navigating the cultural differences, advising us as needed, coordinating with our client, scouting the location, and working with us to figure out what was creatively possible with the parts of the park that were ready for photography. Most importantly, the photography was the highest quality we could have imagined. Six Flags, Warner Brothers, and our team were extremely pleased with the process and the results. Wayne is a pleasure to work with and we would be happy to work with him again any time. He is an asset to any project that requires communication, planning, organization, travel, and beautiful images shot on location.”

D. Jeanne Oden | Senior Vice President